66 Spices

The Client

Based along the historic route 66 for which it gets its name, 66 Spices is an online spice distributor that sells and ships a number of tasty, highly acclaimed spice mixes (like Dew Chilli Seasoning No. 2) throughout the continental United States.

What They Needed

66 Spices came to GoWeb1 in need of an iconic logo that would set them apart from other spice distributing companies online. They wanted to invoke the classic, dependable Americana look and feel of America's most well-known roadway, Route 66, on which they are located and operate.

How We Helped

The decision was obvious: GoWeb1 helped bring the old-school, ever-classic look of the Route 66 road sign to 66 Spices' logo. Rather than leaving the sign as it is, however, we punched the logo's design up with texture and gave it a distressed appeal, giving it a well-worn yet still durable feel.